by Blacken Light



An unwanted visitor {The Grim Reaper} appears to be stalking Me



Death you're standing
Rather near
I hear you whisper
In my ear

I feel you're Breath
Upon my neck
I shudder and shake
An emotional wreck

Death you're standing
In my way
Of brighter times
And better days

When you visit
Me at night
Invade my dreams
My fears you ignite

You're uninvited


Steal away
Everything I have known
Tear me down
Leave me broken, alone

One by one
You take all that is dear
Sunlight to shadows
My hope into Fear

{Lead Section}

With cloak 'n hood
And scythe in hand
A wretched stench
I cannot stand

You manifest
A vile Display
Why don't you stalk
Another prey

The Lifeless stare
Upon you're Face
Harvester Of
The Human Race

Death you've never
Much to say
A Cheshire smile
Unholy look my way

You're uninvited

{End Lyrics}

You manipulate
And isolate
But you underrate
my will

You actuate
And set my fate
Lying in wait
For the kill

You intimidate
Then vacillate
My Blood you
Wanna spill

You're uninvited


released July 20, 2012



all rights reserved


Blacken Light San Bernardino, California

Blacken Light was born in June of 2011 as a solo project to continue making Metal Music after a long Hiatus from the scene.

With Influences that Include Sabbath, Priest, Maiden, Pantera, Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica, Kansas and many more, Blacken Light is continuing the Old School Metal tradition.
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