~ Manage The Decay ~

by Blacken Light



Metal/Blues Song tells the story of how a man struggles to exist, rather than live, his life


Manage The Decay

Got this feeling
Shakes me to
The core

A hollow emptiness
That I cannot

I am Mired
In a Dire

Remaining silent
In this quiet

My life needs Baptized
Cleansed of all
This pain

Another sacrifice
Of the soul
That still remains

Lifes for the living
Not the
Dead and gone

Pick up the pieces now
It's time that
You moved on yeah


Grab hold of the future
Let go of the past
The life you think unending
Maybe running out to fast

It's hard to get a grip
When there's nothing left to hold
Living in the moment
Let the truth be told


Life moves on without me
No looking back
Like a soul that's breakin'
Train wreck rollin' off the track

{Guitar Solo}


The future in my sights
Yet somehow out of range
So tired of this life being
disassembled, rearranged

shackled by the past
I know I'm here to stay
Don't look past my tomorrows
I just manage the decay ~ manage the decay

{Faster Tempo}

Loneliness is here to today
Here to stay
Loneliness is here to today

All my life it's been this way
It's sad to say
All my life it's been this way

Choices made along the way
I'll have to pay
Choices made along the way

Managing my life's decay
My life's decay
Managing my life's decay


released November 2, 2014



all rights reserved


Blacken Light San Bernardino, California

Blacken Light was born in June of 2011 as a solo project to continue making Metal Music after a long Hiatus from the scene.

With Influences that Include Sabbath, Priest, Maiden, Pantera, Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica, Kansas and many more, Blacken Light is continuing the Old School Metal tradition.
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